Reinventing California Public Education. One Vote at a Time.


Because of people like you, charter schools are making a huge difference in challenging the status quo in California and providing exciting new choices for students and their families across the state. Joining CCSA Advocates is a way to connect you with tools to make a difference in elections and ensure that elected leaders know the importance of charter public schools.

CCSA Advocates is dedicated to the following:

  • Increasing the involvement of the charter school community in the political process
  • Creating a pipeline of charter school supporters and activists
  • Electing public officials who support California charter schools, and
  • Growing the political influence of the California charter school movement.

CCSA Advocates harnesses the power of our natural supporters - charter school leaders, teachers, and parents. CCSA Advocates engages in efforts to provide education and resources to support more charter schools to increase civic participation on their campuses, including youth civic engagement.

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