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Election Success

The charter community had a momentous day at the polls on June 7th. Almost all the candidates endorsed by CCSA Advocates finished in either first or second place in California’s June 7th primary elections. (Under California’s “top two” election process, the first and second place candidates face off against one another in the November 8 general election.) As Politico put it in a recent article, “…charter schools bet well overall, with at least four and up to six of their chosen Democrats poised to claim Assembly open seats.” Of particular note is the success of Marie Alvarado-Gil, the Senior Director of External Affairs at Rocketship Education, who came in a close second in Senate District 4 primary election.

The Advocates team will be busy between now and November working to ensure that those strong candidates that stood up for our students, parents, teachers, leaders, schools, and communities will have the opportunity to serve in the California Legislature or on county or local boards of education. The results of this year’s elections will matter tremendously as we continue to confront those elected leaders that look to damage our communities and close our schools.

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About CCSA Advocates

With support from people like you, non-profit charter public schools are challenging the status quo in California’s public school system, providing new and critically-needed educational opportunities for students and their families.

Unfortunately, non-profit charter public schools are under attack in Sacramento. Special interests want to protect their privileges at the expense of our students and families. That’s why CCSA Advocates stands up and fights back, making a positive difference in our elections.

We harness the power of our community — charter school leaders, teachers, parents and everyone who supports the best educational opportunities for all students in California. CCSA Advocates engages in efforts to provide education and resources to help more charter schools increase civic participation on their campuses, including youth civic engagement.

Thanks for standing with us and those courageous elected officials who support non-profit charter public schools.  Whatever you can do to support those elected officials supports our community. – Leer en español

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