Legislative Endorsements




Megan Dahle Assembly District 01 https://www.votemegandahle.com/
James Gallagher Assembly District 03 https://electjamesgallagher.com/
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry Assembly District 04 https://www.ceciliaforassembly.com/
Joe Patterson Assembly District 05 https://joepatterson.com/
Ken Cooley Assembly District 07 https://www.kencooley.com/
Jim Patterson Assembly District 08 https://patterson4assembly.com/
Heath Flora Assembly District 09 https://heathflora.com/
Eric Guerra Assembly District 10 https://www.electericguerra.com/
Lori Wilson Assembly District 11 https://www.electloriwilson.com/
Carlos Villapudua Assembly District 13 https://www.facebook.com/AsmVillapudua
Timothy Grayson Assembly District 15 https://www.graysonforassembly.com/
Shawn Kumagai Assembly District 20 https://www.shawnkumagai.com/
Diane Papan Assembly District 21 https://dianepapan.com/
Juan Alanis Assembly District 22 https://alanisforassembly.com/
Marc Berman Assembly District 23 https://www.voteberman.com/
Evan Low Assembly District 26 http://evanlowforassembly.com/
Esmeralda Soria Assembly District 27 https://soriaforcalifornia.com/
Robert Rivas Assembly District 29 https://www.rivasforassembly.com/
Dawn Addis Assembly District 30 https://dawnaddis.org/
Joaquin Arambula Assembly District 31 Unavailable
Vince Fong Assembly District 32 https://vincefong.com/
Devon Mathis Assembly District 33 https://devonmathis.com/
Eduardo Garcia Assembly District 36 https://voteforgarcia.com/
Gregg Hart Assembly District 37 https://gregghart.org/
Juan Carrillo Assembly District 39 https://votejuancarrillo.com/
Suzette Martinez Valladares Assembly District 40 https://suzettevalladares.com/
Chris Holden Assembly District 41 https://www.holdenforassembly.com/
Jacqui Irwin Assembly District 42 https://jacquiirwin.com/
Luz Rivas Assembly District 43 https://www.luzforassembly.com/
Laura Friedman Assembly District 44 https://www.votelaurafriedman.com/
James Ramos Assembly District 45 https://www.jamesramos.org/
Jesse Gabriel Assembly District 46 https://jessegabriel.com/
Christy Holstege Assembly District 47 https://www.christyholstege.com/
Blanca Rubio Assembly District 48 https://blancarubio.com/home/
Mike Fong Assembly District 49 https://mikefong.org/
Eloise Gómez Reyes Assembly District 50 https://eloisereyes.webflow.io/
Rick Chavez Zbur Assembly District 51 https://www.rickchavezzbur.com/
Wendy Carrillo Assembly District 52 https://www.wendyforassembly.com/
Miguel Santiago Assembly District 54 https://www.santiagoforassembly.com/
Sabrina Cervantes Assembly District 58 https://sabrinacervantes.com/
Phillip Chen Assembly District 59 https://www.phillipchen.org/
Corey Jackson Assembly District 60 http://www.coreyajackson.net/
Blanca Pacheco Assembly District 64 https://www.pachecoforassembly.com/
Mike Gipson Assembly District 65 https://www.mikegipson.net/
Al Muratsuchi Assembly District 66 https://www.al4assembly.com/
Sharon Quirk-Silva Assembly District 67 https://www.sharonquirksilva.com/
Avelino Valencia Assembly District 68 https://www.avelinovalencia.com/
Diane Dixon Assembly District 72 http://dianedixonforassembly.com/
Laurie Davies Assembly District 74 https://www.daviesforca.com/
Tasha Boerner Horvath Assembly District 77 https://www.tasha4assembly.com/
Akilah Weber Assembly District 79 https://drakilahweber.com/
Marie Alvarado-Gil Senate District 04 https://www.votealvaradogil.com/
Roger Niello Senate District 06 https://rogerniello.com/
Angelique Ashby Senate District 08 https://www.angeliqueashby.com/
Lily Mei Senate District 10 https://lilymei.org/
Shannon Grove Senate District 12 https://shannongrove.net/
Anna Caballero Senate District 14 https://annaforsenate.com/
Melissa Hurtado Senate District 16 https://www.melissahurtado.com/
Steve Padilla Senate District 18 https://www.votestevepadilla.com/
Susan Rubio Senate District 22 https://www.susanrubio.com/
Benjamin Allen Senate District 24 http://benallenca.com/
Kelly Seyarto Senate District 32 https://seyartoforsenate.com/
Thomas Umberg Senate District 34 https://www.tomumberg.com/
Janet Nguyen Senate District 36 https://janet2022.com/
Brian Jones Senate District 40 https://www.electbrianjones.com/

Statewide Propositions

Yes on Proposition 28 – Art and Music K-12 Education Funding Initiative
Yes on Proposition 31 – Flavored Tobacco Products Ban Referendum

Local & County Board Endorsements

Sergey Terebkov Placer County Board of Education, Trustee Area 1 https://sergey4kids.com/
Rita Fernandez-Loof San Bernardino County Board of Education, Trustee Area B
Gwen Dowdy Rodgers San Bernardino County Board of Education, Trustee Area D
Magdalena Carrasco Santa Clara County Board of Education, Board District 6
Amanda Buchanan Apple Valley USD
Wendell Tucker Alvord USD
Abby Kamkar Burbank USD https://www.abbyforburbank.com/
Robert Varich Campbell Union HSD https://robert4cuhsd.com/
Christina Gagnier Chino Valley USD https://www.christinagagnier.com/
Bob Weller Escondido Union HSD https://www.bobweller.com/
Zesty Harper Escondido Union HSD https://www.zestyforschoolboard.com/
Karen Shaw Lowell JSD
Kelly Felton Tustin USD https://kellyfelton.com
Travon Martin San Bernardino City USD http://martinforschoolboard.com/
Jesus Henao Saugus Union SD https://jesusscv.com/
Jacqui Nguyen Vacaville USD
Joe Messina William S. Hart Union HSD
Heidi Strikwerda Yucaipa Calimesa USD